Past dates


28th Oct 2017. Union Street Band + Rosie Bryce

2nd Dec 2017. Shropshire Heroes + Dave Ball

27th Jan 2018. Vertical Expression + Andrew Swaine (Civic Hall)

24th Feb 2018. The Watch + Michelle Holding

24th Mar 2018. Time Bandits + Baz Parkes

28th Apr 2018. Albireo + Sarah Clough (Civic Hall)


29th Oct 2016, Maplewood with Bob Morgan

10th Dec 2016, Kraken Ceilidh Band with Rosie Bryce

21st Jan 2017, Hekety with Huw Evans.

The January ceilidh was held at Poynton Civic Hall.

25th Feb 2017, Albireo with Dave Ball

25th Mar 2017, Discussion Topic

22nd Apr 2017, The Ironmasters with Baz Parkes


5th Dec 2015, Maplewood, caller Rhodri Davies

23rd Jan 2016, Tumbling Tom, callers Fiona Rigg and Les Ord

27th Feb 2016, Pendle Hill Mob, caller Peter Bearon

19th Mar 2016, Mouse’s Nest, caller Michelle Holding

23rd Apr 2016, Monkey Box, caller Baz Parkes


Oct 25:  Shropshire Heroes, caller Dave Ball

Interval spot from Poynton Jemmers

Dec 06: All Blacked Up, caller Baz Parkes

Jan 31: Time Bandits, caller Lisa Heywood

Feb 28: Boldwood, caller Hannah Bright

Mar 28: Liam Robinson Dance Band, caller Liam Robinson

Apr 25: (daytime) Callers’ Workshop with Martyn Harvey and Dave Ball

Apr 25:  Albireo, caller Martyn Harvey


Oct 26: Mouse’s Nest, caller Michelle Holding

An interesting mixture of English, Irish, Scottish and French tunes, carefully chosen for listening and dancing.

Dec 7: Union Street Band, caller Roger Downing

A lively, enthusiastic Lancashire based band.

Jan 25 daytime: Callers’ workshops with Martyn Harvey and Rhodri Davies

Jan 25: Albireo, caller Martyn Harvey

From lumpy English polkas to Playford with a twist.

Feb 22: Hérétique, caller Peter Crowther

Fresh and innovative music based on foot-stomping traditional dance tunes and sensational songs from all over Europe, interlacing elements of jazz, classical music and furtive references to popular culture.

Mar 22: Vertical Expression, caller Andrew Swaine

Probably the UK’s most high-energy contra dance band, Vertical Expression is what happens when you take two English ceilidh musicians on fiddle and melodeon and put them with a guitar and double bass rhythm section with a love of bluegrass and gypsy jazz…

Apr 26: Cock and Bull, caller Peter Bearon

After 30 years experience on the professional folk scene, The Cock & Bull Band are widely recognised as one of the top ceilidh and barn dance bands on the circuit.