About Poynton Ceilidhs

Poynton Ceilidhs are run by those nice people from Albireo and Mouse’s Nest. Please email info@poyntonceilidh.co.uk for more information on any aspect of the ceilidh or to be added to the Poynton Ceilidh mailing list. We’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

We’re always looking to attract new people into the ceilidh dance community. If you know of a good place to advertise the Ceilidhs, please feel free to print one of more copies of our current flyer onto white or (preferably) pale green paper and hand them out / pin them up / cut them to A5 and put them in the leaflet dispenser.

We’re also always looking for feedback on the ceilidhs. If you don’t tell us what you want, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it! We welcome constructive comments. Please feel free to email Peter and Tom at info@poyntonceilidh.co.uk with any comments.